Character Formatting Tags

The character formatting tags are used to specify how a particular text should be displayed on the screen to distinguish certain characters within the document.

The most common character formatting tags are:

Bold <B>: displays text in Bold

Italics <I>: displays text in Italic

Subscript <SUB>: displays text in Subscript

Superscript <SUP>: displays text in Superscript

Small <SMALL>: displays text in smaller font as compared to normal font

Special Characters

There are certain special characters that can be used while creating document. All these special character must be ended with a semicolon.

Examples: &copy, &reg, &frac14, &frac12, &frac34, &divide, &It, &gt, &le, &ge, &amp, &spades, &c1ubs, &hearts

<PRE>The copyright symbol is: &copy; The registered rank is: &reg;</PRE>