Whenever you appear in front of one or more people to present your ideas, deliver speech, give classroom lecture, organize computer conference, etc., you have a presentation. The basic purpose of any presentation is communication. To communicate effectively, you must state your facts in a simple, concise and interesting manner. Any presentation consists of four basic elements: you, your audience, your message and your tools.

Slide Layouts

Title Slide: This option is useful for beginning a presentation; use this slide if you want to include subtitles or smaller text underneath a title.

Title and Content: Anytime you need to make to list of things that fall underneath a general subject, choose this layout.

Section Header: This option is useful for making a major section within the presentation.

Two Content: This is a useful option for putting different elements or text boxes.

Comparison: This is a useful option for doing pro/con lists.

Title Only: This option is great for the beginning of a presentation. No subtitles are included in this layout.

Blank: Use this layout if you want a blank slide formatted according to the master Slide.

Picture with caption: Use this option to place title over one linked object.