Indian Geography

Geography is one of the oldest earth science. It is the study of the interaction of all physical and human phenomena and landscapes created by such interactions. This interaction has also created many branches in the discipline of geography. From description to analysis, the subject area of geography is continuously growing.

Indian Economy

The phase of Indian economy is studied under two parts i.e. preIndependence period and post independence era. During pre independence period the position and performance of Indian economy categorized as underdeveloped economy but during the post independence period Indian economy has been considered as developing economy.

Indian History

History is the study of past events. It helps to understand those processes that enabled the early humans to successfully conquer their environment and develop the present day civilizations. It is not just a study of battles and kings as is normally understood by some. It is an analysis of society, economy and cultural trends over a long period as reflected in available sources.

Indian Polity

The subject of Political Science has become a specialized science of the state where we study about Power, Equality, Liberty and Justice, different forms of government & its functions and relation with the citizens.