Excretion System

Every cell of our body keeps on doing something or the other. Therefore, some garbage is always found there. These elements are harmful and should not be collected in body. It should be thrown out of the human body.

The process of throwing out harmful or waste material is called excretion and the groups of organs related to it are called excretion system.

Our body excretes or excretion by three types:

  1. Lungs: we throw out polluted carbon dioxide produced during breathing.
  2. Skin: Some mineral salts are bit required by our body are thrown out in form of sweating.
  3. Urine: Our body comprises of water, a balance of water is required in human body. It should not be more or less. Urine takes out chemical wastes and extra water out of our body.

Urine System

There are many parts of urine system:

1. Kidney: These look like a pair of seed of beans shaped organs.

Functions of Kidney

  1. To separate impurities of blood especially urea which reach kidney by artery
  2. To create a balance between water and Mineral salts in body

2. Urethra: There is a urethra from every kidney which reaches down bladder. Its function is to take urine to bladder.

3. Bladder: This is like a flexible bag. It is used to store urine temporary.

4. Urine pipe: This is a pipe made up of small muscles to take out urine from the body time to time.

If one of our kidney stops working, then the other starts working double. If both kidneys get damaged then these can be transplanted by medicines. This is the reason why organ donation is promoted now a days.