Importance of Water

Water is not only necessary for us but also for all living things. More than two-third of our body weight is due to water. Not only this, water is also essential for many biological functions of our body, such as to digest food, to keep body parts healthy, etc.

We get food from trees, plants and animals; and all of them also need water. All the food items - such as potatoes, tomatoes, apples - all of them contain a lot of water.

Apart from this, water is essential for everyday things like from cleanliness and bathing to cooking, farming, industrial uses and power generation.

Uses of Water

1. Water provides habitat to many organisms. There are many types of aquatic animals, such as all kinds of fish and sea creatures, which survive only in water and grow on their own.

2. The water present in the blood, etc., in the bodies of living beings, carries the function of transporting food, mineral salts and gases from one place to another. More than two-thirds of the human body is water, which shows that a sufficient amount of water is required for the above activities.

3. When water collects in lakes and ponds and also in the form of rivers, But when it flows, it acts to carry seeds, fruits and many types of microorganisms from one place to another. In this way, the seeds, which fall into rivers and canals and flow from one place to another, go down and grow at a suitable place somewhere. Thus, water also helps in spreading plant life on the earth. Fruits also have seeds, they also flow with water from one place to another.


1. A large part of an organism's body is water. What are their benefits?

2. What are the utilities of water in industries?

3. Describe four such ways for which we use water in the house?

4. If the water was not transparent, what would be the harms on the living organisms, living in the water?


1. To run all the functions of the body smoothly.

2. (1) To cool the hot appliances (2) as a solvent

3. (1) in bathing and washing (2) in cooking (3) in drinking (4) Cleanliness

4. The path ahead and their food (prey) is not visible