NIOS Secondary Course in English

English has become an integral part of our social and professional life. The rise of electronic media and communication technology has turned the world into a global village. In order to be able to keep in touch with the developments taking place in other parts of the world, we need English.

Computer technology, mobile technology and media interaction are also possible largely through English. Young people are increasingly becoming conscious that enhancing their skills in English Communication will enable them to confidently face global competition and facilitate global mobility. People have started realising that survival in the competitive environment is possible only with a sound knowledge of communication in English.

There is a great demand for it because English is a language of power and opportunity. Hence, there is a need to gain proficiency in the four skills of communication namely listening, speaking, reading and writing together with other aspects of language - vocabulary enhancement and correct use of grammar, spellings and punctuation.

  1. Snake Bite

  2. How The Squirrel Got Its Stripes

  3. Kondiba - A Hero

  4. Tall Trees

  5. A Tiger Comes To Town - I

  6. A Tiger Comes To Town - II

  7. The Shoeshine

  8. A Birthday Letter

  9. Nine Gold Medals

  10. Noise: How It Affects Our Lives

  11. My Elder Brother

  12. Indian Weavers

  13. The Last Stone Mason

  14. Stealing and Atonement

  15. My Vision For India

  16. My Only Cry

  17. Caring for Others

  18. The Little Girl

  19. A Prayer for Healing

  20. New Good Things from Rubbish

  21. The Village Pharmacy

  22. The Truth

  23. The Return of the Lion

  24. Cooperate and Prosper

  25. Once Upon a Time

  26. Ustad Bismillah Khan

  27. The Parrot Who Wouldn’t Talk