Shashank Asana: Hare Pose

The name comes from the Sanskrit Shash, meaning "hare" or "rabbit". Ank, means "lap"; and asana, which means "pose" or "posture". In English, it is known as hare pose.

Sthiti: Dandasana


  1. Fold the right leg at the knees and then the left leg and sit on the heels as in Vajrasana resting the palms on thighs.
  2. Take the hands behind the back, make a fist of the right palm and hold the right wrist with the left palm.
  3. Relax the shoulders.
  4. Inhale, lean backwards a little from the waist opening up the chest.
  5. Exhale, slowly bend forwards from the waist bringing the forehead on to the ground in front of the knees. Collapse the shoulders.
  6. Maintain this position for about one minute with normal breathing.
  7. Inhale, slowly and come up to the vertical position.
  8. Release your hands and come back to Sthiti.
  9. Relax in Sithila Dandasana.


  1. Improves blood supply to the head.
  2. Promotes concentration.