High Blood Pressure

The blood pressure is more than the normal (120/75). The state of having high blood pressure is called hypertension. Hypertension is usually related to stress, overweight, age or faulty diet.

Other heart related disorders are atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis. Sometimes, especially if too much of fatty food is taken over a long period, there is a tendency for fat to deposit on the inner wall of the arteries. Such a deposit is called atheroma and the disorder atherosclerosis. This narrows the lumen of the arteries supplying the heart and consequently interfere in the functioning of the heart.

Also with age the wall of the arteries harden and lose their flexibility. Further, there may be deposits on the inner side of the walls of the arteries supplying the heart. This condition is arteriosclerosis and interferes with normal functioning of the heart. To remedy the situation, the lumen of the arteries of the heart have to be widened by placing a small piece of tube (stent). This is called ballooning angioplasty. Sometimes the artery may have to be replaced and this treatment is called heart-by-pass.


Electrocardiograph is a machine which can record the heartbeat like a graph which is called eletrocardiogram (ECG). From the ECG, the doctor can make out which chamber of the heart is not contracting or relaxing properly and suggests treatment accordingly.