The body needs energy to carry on various activities of life. This energy is obtained by eating food. The energy requirement of an individual depends on various factors like age, sex, amount of work done (occupation), special needs like pregnancy and lactation.

Growing children, persons engaged in hard physical work (labourers), pregnant women, lactating mothers, sportsman, persons recovering from illness and persons working in cold weather require more energy.

Infants - 0-12 months

  • Required calories: 100-120/kg body weight


  • 2-6 years: 1200-1800 calories
  • 7-12 years: 1800-2000 calories


  • Boys 13-15 years: 2500 calories
  • Girls 13-15 years: 2200 calories

Adult Man

  • Sedentary work: 2400 calories
  • Moderate physical work: 2800 calories
  • Heavy physical work: 4000 calories

Adult Woman

  • Moderately active: 2400 calories
  • Pregnancy (later half): 3300 calories
  • During lactation: 3700 calories (up to 1 year)