Medical Techniques in Reproduction

There are many new medical techniques in the field of reproduction to help infertile males and females produce babies.

Test tube babies

In some women the oviducts (Fallopian tubes) are blocked. This prevents the ova from being fertilized. This problem can be overcome by the test tube baby technique.

In this technique, one or more ripe ova are sucked from a woman’s ovaries using a special syringe. These ova are placed in a dish containing sperms from her male partner under optimum conditions for a few hours. Sperms fertilize the ova which form an embryo. One embryo is then inserted into the woman’s uterus where there is a chance it will implant and develop into a baby.

Artificial Insemination

Human semen can be rapidly frozen using liquid nitrogen and stored in sperm banks for several years without losing its fertile condition. It is then thawed, and introduced into a woman by means of a syringe at a time when ovulation takes place. This is called artificial insemination.

Fertility drugs

In some women ovaries fail to develop the Graafian follicles needed to release ripe ova into their reproductive tract. It is now possible to artificially stimulate follicle production by injecting sterile women with a fertility drug containing FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) obtained from animals.