Career is a way of making one's livelihood. Self-employment is also a career because one may employ oneself in business or in service activities and earn one's livelihood. With growing unemployment and lack of adequate job opportunities, self-employment has become very significant.

1. Advantage of Small Business

Small-scale business has several advantages over large-scale business. It can be easily started, and requires small amount of capital investment. The self-employment involving activities on a small-scale is a good alternative to large scale business which has brought various evils like environmental pollution, development of slums, exploitation of workers, and so on.

2. Preference over Wage Employment

In self-employment there is no limit of earnings as is the case with wage employment. In self-employment one can use one's talent for own benefit. The decisions can be taken quickly and conveniently. All these factors act as strong motivators for self-employment to be preferred over wage employment.

3. Developing the Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship involves taking risks because the entrepreneur tries to innovate new products, new methods of production and marketing. Self-employment, on the other hand, involves either no risk or very little risk. But, as soon as the self-employed person starts becoming innovative and takes steps to expand his business, he becomes an entrepreneur. Therefore, self-employment becomes a launching pad for entrepreneurship.

4. Promotion of Individualised Services

Self-employment may also take the form of providing individualised services like tailoring, repair work, dispensing of medicines, etc. Such services are helpful in providing better consumer satisfaction. These can be easily started and run by individuals.

5. Scope for Creativity

It provides opportunity for development of creativity and skills in art and crafts, leading to preservation of the cultural heritage of India. For example, we can see creative ideas reflected in handicrafts, handloom products, etc.

6. Reducing the Problem of Unemployment

Self-employment provides opportunities of gainful occupation to those who otherwise remain unemployed. Thus it reduces the problem of unemployment.

7. A boon to Under-privileged in Respect of Higher Education

Everyone may not be able to pursue higher education after Secondary or Senior Secondary examination due to one or the other reason. Such persons can start their career as self-employed in occupations that do not require higher education.

Self-employment has been given high priority in government policies and programmes. A number of schemes have been initiated all over the country to encourage entrepreneurship and self-employment.