Super Market is another kind of large-scale retail organisation from where we can buy most of our household requirements for a week or a month in one visit. Super Market is a large scale retail store that sells a wide variety of products like food items, vegetables, fruits, groceries, utensils, clothes, electronic appliances, household goods, etc. all under one roof.

It is formed with the objective of selling goods of daily necessity to general public at a reasonable price by eliminating the middlemen in the process of distribution. These stores are centrally located and also establish their branches near the residential areas. As compared to departmental stores, super markets do not offer free home delivery facility, credit facilities, etc. You will also not find salespersons to convince the customers to buy the goods. Here, customers pick up the items of their requirement and bring it to the cash counter, make payment and take the delivery.

Merits of Super Markets

  1. Super markets deal with a wide range of goods of daily household needs.

  2. It provides standard quality items to the customers. Chances of adulteration and duplication are minimal or almost nil.

  3. Due to economies of large-scale purchase and avoidance of middlemen the goods are available at a cheaper price in super market.

  4. In a super market normally services of salesmen and shop assistants are not available. This reduces the cost of operation.

  5. A customer can find goods of different brands at one place. This makes comparison and selection easy. You can take your own time to select items of your choice.

Limitations of Super Markets

  1. Super markets require large amount of capital to start and run them.

  2. Because of insufficient funds, benefits of professional management are not available to the super bazar.

  3. Goods are sold to the customers only on cash basis. Credit facility is not available to them.

  4. Super markets follow the principle of self service. So the items which require the service of salespersons are normally not dealt by super market.