Challenges of Indian Economy

Each and every citizen of the country has a right to lead a decent life. Every body must be able to fulfil his minimum needs such as food, health care, housing, basic education, etc. However, India is a poor country where a large section of the population cannot afford all these.

The matter is made worse due to the fact that our economy does not provide adequate employment opportunities so that poor people can get jobs and earn income. Hence eradication of poverty and unemployment is a major challenge before the economy.

Similarly higher quality of life is achieved by getting proper education and health care facilities. Since India is a very large country in terms of population, provision of education and health care by the government to all its citizens is also a major challenge.

Another important concern before the government is the rising prices of commodities in the market which is called inflation. Rise in prices hit the poor and middle class people very badly. So controlling the price level is a major problem to be dealt with whenever it occurs.

The income of the nation must also grow with rise in population and their wants so that the development process continues. So achieving economic growth every year is also a major challenge before the economy.