Electromagnetic Induction

Magnetic field is created when current flows through a solenoid (a cylindrical core of insulated copper wires). Do you think that the reverse should also be possible? That means conversion of electricity from magnetism.

Michael Faraday, a great scientist also think over it and gave a discovery of induction in 1831. After several years of continuous experimentation he discovered that if changes are brought about in the magnetic field then electric current can be produced. If we rotate a coil of a good conducting wire between the poles of a magnet, then the number of magnetic lines of force associated with it are altered.

Similarly, if a magnet moves within the coil there is change in the same manner. When this occurs, current starts flowing in the coil. So, electromagnetic induction is the production of an electric current across a conductor moving through a magnetic field. Generators and transformers are some devices which work on this principle.