Plantae Kingdom

Kingdom Plantae has five divisions namely Algae, Bryophyta, Pteridophyta, and Spermatophyta. Spermatophyta further divided into Gymnospermia and Angiospermia or flowering plants.

Kingdom Plantae is divided into the following divisions:

  1. Algae - No special roots, stem or leaves. For example, the algae.

  2. Bryophyta - Root like hyphae but no true roots. For example, Liverworts and mosses.

  3. Pteridophyta - True roots, underground stem, spore bearing leaves. For example, Ferns.

  4. Spermatophyta - Seed bearing plants.

    • Gymnosperms - No flowers, seeds naked and not enclosed in fruit. For example, Pine, Juniper.

    • Angiosperms - Flowering plants, fruits bear seeds.