Transformation of Energy

Energy can exist in many different forms. Energy can be changed from one form to another. But it cannot be created or destroyed. It just gets transformed into another form. Eventually, most of it ends up as heat, but it is so spread out that it cannot be detected or used.

Transformation of Energy in day-to-day Life

The food has chemical energy stored in it. When the body uses this stored energy to do some work, it gets converted in to kinetic energy. Similarly, when you kick a ball, your muscles change chemical energy from your food into kinetic energy. As the ball moves through the air and across the ground, friction slows it down and its kinetic energy is changed into thermal energy (heat).

A car uses stored chemical energy in petrol or diesel to move. The engine changes the chemical energy into heat and kinetic energy to power the car. Things that are moving, such as vehicles, flowing water, and winds have kinetic energy.

In a thermal power station, the chemical energy of coal is transformed into heat energy of the hot steam, and then into mechanical energy of turbine. This mechanical energy is transformed by a generator into electrical energy, which passes through the power lines to various places - cities, towns, houses, factories where it is transformed back to heat, light, sound or mechanical energy.

Spring or other stretched or compressed materials have potential energy.

The water stored in dams and reservoirs also has potential energy which gets converted in other forms of energy.

When hot materials cool down, they give off heat, or thermal energy. The fuels and batteries have chemical energy stored in them. When they are used their energy is released by chemical reactions.

When you talk on the phone, your voice i.e. sound energy is transformed into electrical energy, which is transmitted through wire or the air. The phone on the other end changes the electrical energy into sound energy through the speaker.

A television changes electrical energy into light and sound energy.

Law of Conservation of Energy

As per the Law of Conservation of Energy, energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed from one form of energy into another.