Transportation in Plants

Transport of water and food material in plants.

1. Transport of Water

Roots of plants take up water and minerals from the soil. How does this water move up from roots to leaves for photosynthesis? Tracheids and vessels, which are non-living cells of xylem, transport water picked up by root hairs from soil to the leaves.

The upward movement of water and minerals from soil termed ‘ascent of sap’ is against gravity and is due to transpiration pull. Transpiration is the process in which a lot of water evaporates (as water vapour) from stomata. This evaporation creates a vacuum and pulls up water through the xylem. This is transpiration pull.

2. Transport of Food Material

Sugars and other food molecules synthesized in the leaves are transported to other parts of the plant through phloem. Sieve tubes are living cells of the phloem, which transport food.

Transport of food material from leaves to other parts of the plant is called translocation. This food may then be stored in fruits, stem or roots.