Uses of Metals and Non-metals

Metals and non-metals are put to many uses which are based upon their properties.

Uses of Metals

  1. Many metals like iron, copper and aluminium are used to make containers.
  2. Metals like copper, aluminium, iron and stainless steel are used to make utensils and fry pans.
  3. Ductile metals like copper and aluminium are used for making electrical wires.
  4. Steel ropes are used in cranes to lift heavy objects in making bridges.
  5. Iron and steel are used to make machines.
  6. Zinc, lead, mercury, lithium are used to make cells and batteries.
  7. Malleable metals like iron and aluminium are used to make sheets which are used for various construction purposes.
  8. Gold, silver and platinum metals are used to make jewellery due to their luster, high malleability and inert nature.
  9. Alloys of different metals and non-metals are used for various purposes. For example, Stainless steel for making utensils.

Uses of Non-Metals

  1. Hydrogen is used in manufacturing of ammonia gas which is further used in the manufacturing of urea (fertilizer).
  2. Hydrogen is a constituent of many industrial fuels like water gas (CO +H2) and coal gas (H2 + CH4).
  3. Silicon is used in making transistors, chips for computers and photovoltaic cells.
  4. Silicon is used in steel industry to deoxidize steel and it produces high quality corrosion resistant steel.
  5. Most of the phosphorous is used for making phosphoric acid H3PO4 which is used in the manufacturing of phosphate fertilizers.
  6. White phosphorous as (P4S3) is used in the match industry.
  7. Phosphates are added to the detergents as they help in the removal of dirt from soiled cloths.
  8. Sulphur is used in agriculture to control fungus and pests.
  9. Sulphur is used in the manufacturing of gun powder which is an intimate mixture of sulphur, charcoal and potassium nitrate.
  10. Most of sulphur is converted into sulphuric acid which is called the king of chemicals and is used to make variety of other chemicals.