Dependence on Agriculture

Majority of India's working population depend on agricultural activities to pursue their livelihood. In 2011, about 58 percent of India's working population was engaged in agriculture. In spite of this, the contribution of agriculture to India’s gross domestic product is a little over 17 percent.

A major concern of agriculture in India is that productivity in this sector is very less. There are many reasons for this. There is heavy population pressure on land to sustain huge number. Due to population pressure on land the per capita availability of land area is very low and not viable for extracting higher output.

Secondly, since per capita land availability is less, a majority of people are forced to become agricultural labour working at low wages.

Thirdly, Indian agriculture suffers from lack of better technology and irrigation facilities.

Fourthly, mostly people, who are not educated or not trained properly, are engaged in agriculture. So it adds to low productivity in agriculture.