Rashtrakuta Dynasty

In south, Dantidurga was the founder of the dynasty called, Rashtrakuta dynasty (8th century AD). The capital of the Rastrakutas was Manyakheta or Malkhed near Sholapur.

It was under the king Dhruva that the Rashtrakutas turned towards north India in a bid to control Kannauj, then the imperial city. It led to the beginning of ‘Tripartite struggle’.

One of the important kings of the Rashtrakuta dynasty was Krishna I. He built the famous Kailasha temple at Ellora (near Aurangabad, Maharastra). It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is monolithic i.e. made of one single piece of rock.

The Arab accounts inform us that the Rashtrakutas were quite friendly with the Arab traders who visited their empire. These traders were allowed to build mosques and follow their religion without any hindrance. It testifies to the liberal attitude of the Rashtrakuta kings and also to their desire to draw economic benefit from the growing sea trade conducted by the Arabs at that time.