Tools of the Palaeolithic Period

The main tools of lower Palaeolithic phase were hand axes, cleavers and choppers. These are called chopping tools. These were rough and heavy and were made by chipping the sides of the stones. Gradually, sharper and less heavy tools came to be made.

The flake tools or chipped pieces were the chief tools during the middle Palaeolithic period. The tools of the upper Palaeolithic period primarily consisted of burins and scrapers.

In hand axes, the butt end is broader and the working edge is narrow. These were used for cutting the trees or digging the roots. The cleavers had a bifaced edge. These were meant for splitting objects like the trunks of trees.The choppers were the massive core tools with a unifacial working edge, and were used for chopping purposes.

The burins were like flakes or blades. These were used for engraving on soft stones, bones or rocks. The scrapers were also made of flakes. These tools served the purpose of obtaining barks of trees and skins of animals.