India Armed Forces in UN Peacekeeping

As of 29 February 2016, 124 countries were contributing a total of 1,05,314 personnel to Peacekeeping Operations, with Ethiopia leading the tally (8,324), followed by India (7,695) and Bangladesh (7,525). So far India has taken part in 43 Peacekeeping missions with a total contribution exceeding 1,80,000 troops.

Indian Peacekeepers have been lauded by the UN and host countries for their efforts in rebuilding the nations. The First Deployment of Indian Peacekeeping Operations was in the year 1950 in Korea.

Current Deployments

The Indian Armed Forces are currently undertaking the following UN Missions.

1. Lebanon (UNIFIL)

One infantry battalion group, Level II Hospital comprising 650 peacekeepers from all ranks and 23 staff officers till date, have been deployed since Dec 1998. The current situation in the Mission is tense and volatile due to the crisis in Syria.

2. Congo (MONUSCO)

Extended Chapter VII mandate with Augmented Infantry Brigade Group (four infantry battalions with level III Hospital), Army aviation contingent with utility helicopters along with a large number of military observers and SOs have been contributed since January 2005. In addition, two Formed Police Units (FPU) ex BSF and ITBP have also been deployed since 2009. MONUSCO's new mandate vide Resolution 2098 (2013) has been implemented with an Intervention Brigade provided by AU, deployed under UN Command.

3. Sudan and South Sudan (UNMIS/UNMISS)

Two Infantry Battalion groups, sector HQ, Engineer company, signal company, Level-II Hospital and a large number of military observers and staff officers (SOs) have been deployed since April 2005. The latest political developments in the Mission led to widespread inter-tribe violence and large displacement of locals. In the ensuing intra state conflict two Indian Peacekeepers lost their lives while ensuring protection of civilians. The current situation continues to be highly volatile.

4. Golan Heights (UNDOF)

A Logistics battalion with 190 personnel has been deployed to look after the logistics security of UNDOF since February 2006. Current crisis due to Syrian conflict has impacted the mission and exchange of fire between the Syrian Forces and the armed groups have put the Peacekeepers in grave danger.

5. Ivory Coast (UNOCI)

The mission has been supported by Indian staff officers (SOs) and military observers since its inception in April 2004.

6. Haiti (MINUSTAH)

Apart from three Indian Formed Police Unit (FPU) there, i.e. from CISF, CRPF and Assam Rifles, which have been successful, the mission has been supported by Indian Army staff officers since its inception in December 1997.

7. Liberia (UNMIL)

India has been contributing both male and female Formed Police Units from CRPF and its Specialized unit RAF in Liberia since April 2007. The Female Formed Police Unit (FPU) has especially become an inspiration for the women of the host nation and have become trendsetters for other such female FPUs across the globe.