Indian Intelligence Agencies and India's Internal Security

Our Intelligence agencies play an important role in ensuring India's internal security. The deadly threat of terrorism can only be prevented through an efficient intelligence mechanism that shall form an essential part of our National Security.

For a Nation like ours, which is faced by multiple varieties of terrorism from both internal and external sources, we have two specialised agencies to collect intelligence from within India and outside India which are diagrammatically represented here for you.

Intelligence Bureau (IB)

IB is India's oldest intelligence agency formed in 1887 during the British colonial era. It is India's internal security agency responsible for managing domestic threats. IB technically falls under the authority of Ministry of Home Affairs. IB is responsible for counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and intelligence collection in border areas, infrastructure protection, and anti-secession activities.

Until the 1960's the Intelligence Bureau was tasked with collecting both internal and external intelligence. However after the formation of RAW in 1968, the IB is fully dedicated towards collecting internal intelligence.

Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)

The Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) is our primary foreign intelligence agency. After the intelligence failures of the Sino-Indian and Indo-Pakistani wars prior to 1965, our Government felt the need of dedicated foreign intelligence agency and as a result RAW was established in1968 under the leadership of Shri Rameshwar Nath Kao, who became its first director.

We should note that within just a few years after its formation the RAW played a vital role in India's astounding success in the liberation of Bangladesh in 1971 and the accession of Sikkim in 1975. Today, RAW is considered as one of the top intelligence agencies of the world. The primary task of RAW is to gather intelligence from India's hostile neighbors, to deduce their plans against our Nation and make them unsuccessful in their intentions to harm India.