Special Forces for India's Strategic Assets

Specific divisions of the armed forces that are specially tasked to protect India's strategic assets are:

The National Security Guard (NSG) is a special forces unit which derives its manpower from the Indian Army. The primary task of the NSG is to combat terrorism in order to protect states against internal disturbances. The NSG engages in important internal security operations like rescuing hostages from terrorist attacks such as hijacking and eliminating the terrorists who carry out these attacks.

The MARCOS is also a special forces units of the Indian Navy. It is specially tasked to protect the important naval assets and bases. They also engage in conducting amphibious operations against terrorists and antipiracy operations. They are the Navy's version of NSG.

The MARCOS commandos played a vital role during the 2008 Mumbai attacks along with the NSG. MARCOS play an active role in the counter-terrorist operations in J & K.

The Garud Commando Force is the Special Forces unit of the IAF and equivalent to its counterparts in the Army and Navy, which are NSG and MARCOS respectively.

The most important task of the Garud Commando Force is to secure the critical air force bases and other ground installations.

During the 2018 Pathankot airbase attack the Garud Commando Force played a vital role in eliminating the terrorists who attacked the base.