Weapons and Equipment of Army

1. Infantry: Infantry battalions are equipped with 9 mm Pistols, Carbine Machine Guns, INSAS rifles, Sniper Rifles, Light and Medium Machine Guns, Mortars, Automatic Grenade Launchers, Rocket launchers, Anti Tank Guided Missiles and Battle Field Surveillance Radars.

2. Armour: Armoured regiments are equipped with tanks. The major tanks which are held with Indian army are T-72 (Ajeya tanks), T-90 (Bhishma) and Arjun Main Battle Tanks.

3. Mechanised Infantry: BMP-2 Infantry Combat Vehicles are the major fighting equipments of Mechanised Infantry apart from small arms. BMPs are fitted with Anti tank missiles and machine guns.

4. Artillery: Artillery regiments are equipped with long range guns used in supporting role of Infantry. This includes Field guns, Medium guns, Howitzers, Multi Barrel Rocket Launchers and long-range missiles.

5. Missiles: Indian Army has different types of missiles. These are:

  • Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles
  • Cruise Missiles
  • Tactical Ballistic Missiles
  • Anti-Tank Guided Missiles

6. Army Aviation

  • Chetak and Cheetah Helicopters
  • Advance Landing Helicopter Dhruv