Electronics & Communication

Semiconductors find a very significant place in almost all the electronic devices. This unit includes the basis of semiconductors, different types of semiconductor devices and their applications. In the present age of information and communication technology, it is essential for all to know the basic of electronics and communication technology. Working principles of communication systems, the communication techniques and media used in daily life have been explained.

1. Semiconductors and Semiconductor Devices

  1. Intrinsic Semiconductor
  2. Extrinsic Semiconductor
  3. n-and p-type Semiconductors
  4. Formation of a p-n Junction
  5. Forward and Reverse Biased p-n Junction
  6. Characteristics of p-n Junction Diodes
  7. Types of Diodes
  8. Transistors - pnp and npn
  9. Working Principle of Transistors
  10. Transistor Configurations
  11. Common Emitter (CE) Configuration of a npn Transistor
  12. Common Emitter (CE) Configuration of a pnp Transistor

2. Applications of Semiconductor Devices

  1. p-n Junction Diode as Rectifier
  2. Zener Diode as Voltage Regulator
  3. Transistor as an Amplifier
  4. Transistor as a Switch
  5. Transistor as an Oscillator
  6. Logic Gates
  7. Combination Logic Gates
  8. Realization of Basic Gates from NAND Gate

3. Communication Systems

  1. Model Communication System
  2. Components of Communication System
  3. Types of Signals: Analog and Digital
  4. Electromagnetic Waves in Communication

4. Communication Technique

  1. Sampling
  2. Modulation
  3. Amplitude Modulation
  4. Demodulation

5. Communication Media

  1. Transmission Lines
  2. Optical Fibre
  3. Unguided Media
  4. Ground Wave Propagation
  5. Sky Wave or Ionospheric Propagation
  6. Space Wave Propagation
  7. Satellite Communication