Tall Trees (Poem) by Eileen Mathias

With their feet in the earth
And their heads in the sky
The tall trees watch
The clouds go by

When the dusk sends quickly
The birds to rest
The tall trees shelter them
Safe in a nest

And then in the night
With the tall trees peeping,
The moon shines down
On a world that’s sleeping


Nature can be felt and trees can be seen everywhere. One can see tall trees in forests, villages and mountain slopes. The poet says that the tall trees have their feet in the ground and their heads in the sky.

They see the clouds passing by. This shows that the trees are really tall. In the evening, the sky darkens and the birds move to their homes in the trees for safety. During the night and by the light of the moon, the trees stay awake to keep a watch over the world as it sleeps.

The poet compares noble people to tall trees because they have a noble character which distinguished them from common people. They are rooted in the soil like trees. It means they are humble. And just as trees provide a caring shelter and refuge to some birds and animals, good people also show care and concern for the weak and protect them.