The ancient rishis of India devised number of asanas. These are based on their observations of nature - animals, birds, etc. The asanas helps in flexibility of the spine in forward bending, backward bending and side bending.

Asana is a process of focusing on a specific pose of the body. These requires the correct alignment of different parts of the body.

It includes guiding each limb or every part of the body in attaining the specific pose. These helps us to focus on the body and how it functions.

Types of Asanas

There are four types of Asana:

1. Standing: Standing asanas are done by supporting the body on the soles of ones feet.

2. Sitting: Sitting asana are done by supporting the body on the buttocks.

3. Prone: Prone asanas refers to doing asanas lying face down with body supported on the stomach.

4. Supine: Supine Asanas refers to lying with a face up position and the body supported on the back.