Eye Washing with Cup (Tear Sac Massaging)

This is called Tear Sac Massaging.


  1. Take an eye cup, fill it with water.
  2. Close the eyes. Holding it with right hand, bring the cup near the right eye.
  3. Press cap gently on the eye.
  4. Keep the right eyeball in water, then open the eye in the water in the cup.
  5. Repeat closing and opening the eye at least 7 times.
  6. Hold the eye cup with left hand bend to right and allow all the water to fall down over the right eye in the water ball.
  7. Repeat the some on the left side also.
  8. After completion of both sides, gentle massage the muscles above and below the eye ball so that any water remaining will fall out.


  1. This practice washes the eyes.
  2. Overcomes allergies.
  3. Extremely useful in improving the eyesight.