Tadasana: Mountain Pose

Tadasana is considered by many yoga traditions to be the starting point or sthithi of all asana practice.

The name, Tadasana, comes from the Sanskrit word Tada meaning ‘mountain’ and asana means ‘posture’. The English name for tadasana is mountain pose. This asana is like the base or the mother of all asanas, from which the other asanas emerge.

Most of the standing poses are shifts in a certain part of your body or an individual joint that spring from the Tadasana, while the other parts remain neutral.


  1. Stand erect, feet together, hands by the side of the thighs. Keep the back straight and gaze in front.
  2. Stretch the arms upward, keep them straight and parallel with each other in vertical position, with the palms facing inward.
  3. Slowly raise the heels as much as you can and stand on toes. Stretch body up as much as possible.
  4. To come back, bring the heels on the floor first. Slowly bring down the hands by the side of the thighs and relax.


  1. One of the best yoga posture to increase height.
  2. Improves the function of the respiratory and digestive system.