Ubhaya Jatru Trataka

Follows these simple steps.


  1. Stretch both the palms in the front. Raise the forefingers.
  2. Start gazing at both the fingers.
  3. Start moving the right finger towards the right and the left finger towards the left.
  4. Maintain to gaze on both forefingers simultaneously.
  5. If you cannot see both together, then bring them little closer and maintain them there.
  6. Slowly bring back both hands together without losing the simultaneous sighting of both forefingers.
  7. Do palming.
  8. Relax the arms.
  9. Slightly bend the head.
  10. Support the arms on the chest.
  11. Take a deep breath. Press the surrounding eye muscles.
  12. Chant Bhramari.
  13. Enjoy the vibrations of Bhramari through the surrounding eye muscles.