As a beauty therapist you will encounter a large number of skin problems which you will need to identify and take care of. Some skin disorders can be treated in the salon while some skin diseases need to be referred to a medical practitioner.

Skin Disorders

  1. Acne: During the teenage years, the oil glands become very active. When the pores that allow oil to reach the skin surface become clogged, pimples can form. Sometimes these pimples get worse and take the shape of acne. Serious cases of acne should be referred to a dermatologist.

  2. Blackheads or Comedones: They are also caused by clogged pores. Sebum hardens and forms a plug. Steaming is helpful to clear up this condition. You can use black head extractor to remove them after steaming.

  3. Whiteheads or Milia: They result when sebum accumulates beneath the surface of the skin.

  4. Steatoma, or Warts: It is a sebaceous cyst. This is a tumor of the sebaceous glands that forms under the skin. They vary in size.

  5. Asteatosis: In this condition sebaceous glands secrete very little sebum and the skin becomes very dry and scaly. It occurs most frequently in older people.

  6. Seborrhea: In this condition sebaceous glands are over active. The surface of the skin becomes very oily and shiny.

  7. Hyperhidrosis: This problem causes abnormal sweating even in winters.

  8. Prickly heat or Miliaria Rubra: This is inflammation of the skin around the skin pores. It appears in the form of small red pimples with itching. Various powders and lotions are helpful in treating this condition.

Skin Diseases

Skin disease is a very broad term that describes numerous conditions. While some skin diseases are serious, other are just annoying. Some skin diseases disfigure the appearance while other are hardly visible. Most common of them are:

1. Eczema

The cause is unknown. It appears as dry or moist patches on the skin that can be mildly annoying to painfully irritating. It should be treated by a physician only.

2. Allergies

When a severe physical reaction to a particular substance occurs it is said to be an allergy. Some people are particularly sensitive to certain substances. The reaction may take the form of sneezing, breathing difficulties, itching or rashes.

Cosmetic dermatitis is the term used by dermatologists to describe allergic reactions caused by the application of cosmetics. Some chemical will harm the skin of some people whereas the same chemicals may not harm other's skin. So a cosmetologist has to be very careful before using chemicals on clients. She should always perform an allergy test before using chemicals. But if your patron gets allergy due to the use of some cosmetics, she should be immediately sent to a dermatologist.