Beauty Services

Beauty Services

You can not follow a fixed pattern for applying make up as it varies from person to person, but you must consider the following points while doing makeup.

Makeup application varies according to the time of day and the occasion. Age is also an important factor impacting choice of makeup.

Brushes are used to apply different cosmetics. They range from thin liner brushes to fat, fluffy powder brushes.

Applying colour to the body, especially the face, has been a custom throughout recorded history.

Henna has been used since ages to make hair shiny and healthy. Henna is a popular method of colouring hair. It is a natural vegetable dye and hence does not harm or cause any allergic reactions.

Haircutting is the very foundation of hairdressing. A well cut head of hair will style more easily, retain its line and shape.

A. Scissors

The operator should hold the scissors, preferably in the right hand with the points directly to the left, insert the thumb in the lower handle and the third finger in the upper one. The thumb pushes forward the lower handle by pressing against its upper rim, while the third finger pulls on the back of the lower rim of the upper handle. The first and second fingers curl around the back of the scissors, crablike, holding the scissors firmly.

Many factors influence the choice of hair cut and styling. Some of the points to be kept in mind while cutting and styling of hair are:

Hair cutting is one of the most popular way for styling hair. The four main purposes of hair cutting are:

When styling hair always consider the condition of the hair. Always remember that weak and dry hair will tend to break, have split ends and may be very limp, and would require
extra care while styling.

Blow drying literally means drying the hair by blowing hot or cold air with the help of a dryer (hand). The hair may be just plain dried or they may be straightened, curled or styled along with the drying.

Hair conditioners are used to treat damaged, dry and brittle hair. Various types and brands are available in the market. Conditioners are often necessary after shampooing.

The primary purpose of a shampoo is to cleanse the hair and scalp.

Scalp Massage is recommended as part of many scalp and hair treatments and to relax.

Before any hair treatment, scalp and hair analysis is very important. This help to understand the hair problems and scalp condition. It is through hair analysis that we learn about the characteristics of hair as listed below.

Hand massage is an important part of every manicure. It not only relaxes the patron, but also stimulates blood circulation and help keep the hand flexible and the skin smooth.

Massage of hands and feet increases blood circulation which enhances nail growth. Massage also increases mobility and flexibility of muscles and joints as well as induces relaxation.

The benefits of pedicure and manicure include much more than just the appearance of the hands and feet. Apart from keeping them clean, regular manicure and pedicure ensure good hand, foot and nail health.

The skin of the soles of the feet is the thickest and the hardest. Besides the feet are exposed to a lot of use, dust and dirt. Thus the hard skin of the soles of the feet becomes even more harder and dry. This not only makes the feet look ugly but also leads to cracks and infection.

Pedicure is a treatment for feet. The tools and equipment required for this are similar to that of a manicure except in pedicure, we also need a foot scraper to remove the hard dead skin at the soles of the feet.

For a smooth polish application, hold the brush with the thumb and index finger and steady your hand with your little finger. Apply the polish quickly with long, light, even strokes. Make sure there is enough enamel on the brush so that it will flow freely from the base to the tip of each nail, but be careful not to overload the brush.

Step-by-step procedure for Manicure.

Nails like the skin are of various types and have varied problems. Each type of nail requires special treatment during manicure and pedicure. There are many types of Manicure.

Matrix: It is that part of the nail which lies below the fold of the skin. From this portion the nail emerges from the flesh. This part of the nail is called the matrix. It is supplied with blood vessels. Any damage to the cells in the matrix will affect the growth of nails.

Nails are indicators of our health. Healthy nails with slightly pink colour indicate good health of the person. Nail is an appendage of the skin. It is a horny extension of the skin. The visible part is only half of the structure. Nails are made from keratin and its condition is dependent on the body's overall health.

It is the treatment of hands and nails. At one time manicuring and pedicure treatments were considered a luxury enjoyed only by the rich. Today it is an essential part of beauty treatment for both men and women.

Some people are allergic to some products. Always perform an allergy test 24 hours prior to applying a depilatory cream. To give this test, apply a small amount of depilatory cream behind the ear. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then remove. If there is no positive reaction (redness or swelling) after 24 hours, proceed with the treatment.

Shaving and using depilatory creams are the popular and common methods of removing of unwanted hair. These techniques remove hair only from the surface of the skin.

This is an effective method for removing unwanted hair from large and small areas. There are two types of waxes.

Eyes are the most expressive part of the face. Eyes are bordered on the top by eyebrows. So they should be well arched to compliment the eyes. Eyebrows can alter the entire face if their shape is improved, the whole face must be taken into consideration before deciding on the shape. Removing extra hair from the natural arch of the brow is shaping them.

The epilation techniques of tweezing and threading are used for shaping of eye brows.

Every activity in a salon requires specific tools and materials.

We all have hair on our bodies. Hair on some parts like the head and eyebrows are welcome. But unwanted hair on the visible areas as face, arms and legs are one of the main cosmetic problems faced by many women. We take steps to promote hair growth on the head, but look out for methods for removing and reducing hair growth on other parts of the body.

Face masks contain a variety of different ingredients to have a deep cleansing, toning or nourishing effect on the skin. Masks and Packs are special cosmetic preparations applied to the face to benefit and beautify the skin. There are various types of facial masks, each having its own benefit and each suited for a particular type of skin.

Many types of facials are being offered and practiced in salons. The different skin types, age, skin problems demand different types of care and products. Besides many salon offer their own types too. Some offer and use only herbal products while other use specific brands.

A facial service is one of the most pleasant treatments available in the salon. You should ensure that the facial room is quiet, clean, comfortably warm and indirectly lit. The client cannot relax if these conditions are not met. The facial bed should be comfortable and adjustable.

Bleaching is a process that lightens the colour of the facial hair. It works best on soft hair that grows on the face and arms. This is a very common treatment used by women and men as well.

As a beauty therapist you will encounter a large number of skin problems which you will need to identify and take care of. Some skin disorders can be treated in the salon while some skin diseases need to be referred to a medical practitioner.

The skin in order to appear attractive and healthy needs regular care. Each skin type should be taken care of by specific care techniques and routines. This is going to be easier once you have determined the skin type of your client.

Before undertaking any beauty treatments you are required to analyse the skin of your client. Skin analysis is important to help provide the most appropriate beauty treatment and prevent damage to the skin or aggravate the existing skin problems. A thorough analysis is key to any effective facial treatment.

The actual skin type is determined by the genes, i.e. you are born with it. However, the health and beauty of your skin later depends on what you eat and how you take care of it. The skin type of each and every person is different.

The skin is very elastic, durable, and complex. It is the largest organ of the body. It is about 20 square feet of tissue that weighs about 6 to 7 pounds. On the eyelids, the skin is thin but on the soles of the feet it may be ½ inch thick.