Shaving and using depilatory creams are the popular and common methods of removing of unwanted hair. These techniques remove hair only from the surface of the skin.


Shaving is one of the most commonly used hair removal method. This method chops the hair at the surface of the skin, leaving a blunt edge, which quickly feels scratchy and prickly.

There is, however, no truth in the notion that shaving makes the hair grow back thicker or faster. To keep the skin smooth, it is generally necessary to shave at least once or twice a week, provided the razor is sharp and carefully handled and the skin is well wet and primed with soap. This method gives quick, smooth results with the minimum of expenditure and is particularly suitable for underarms and legs.

Special models of shavers designed specially for the female body hair are also available. Otherwise razors are of two types:

  1. Manual razor
  2. Electric razor

Electric razors give good results. Apply a body lotion or cream after using a razor.

Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams contain chemicals that dissolve the hair so that it can be wiped or washed away. Because they are applied to the skin, care must be taken so that they do not harm the skin. They can be used over large and small areas.

Some products are made for use on the face and others for use on other part of the body. Be extremely careful when using a depilatory cream on the face. Never put a depilatory cream near the eyes. Be sure to read and follow the instructions very carefully.

Procedure for Use of Depilatory Creams

  1. Do a patch or sensitivity test.

  2. Wash the area to be treated with mild soap and water. Pat dry, do not rub.

  3. Apply the depilatory with a spatula on the area where hair is to be removed.

  4. Leave the depilatory on the skin for 5 to 15 minutes. Check every few minutes by removing a bit of cream with the spatula. If the hair does not come off, reapply.

  5. Remove the cream and hair with water-soaked cotton. Do not rub the area.

  6. Wash and pat dry. Apply lotion to soothe irritation.