A facial service is one of the most pleasant treatments available in the salon. You should ensure that the facial room is quiet, clean, comfortably warm and indirectly lit. The client cannot relax if these conditions are not met. The facial bed should be comfortable and adjustable.

A thorough knowledge of structure of the skin, types of skin and various skin disorders and disease is essential for facial expert. Facials are designed according to skin type and disorders.

Material, tools and equipments required for basic facial

You should remember the materials required for a particular treatment. You can make a checklist for your reference. The list given below includes the basic material tools and equipments required for basic facial.

  1. Cleansing cream or lotion (As per skin type)
  2. Massage cream
  3. Exfoliators (Creams and fruits)
  4. Serum and gels
  5. Ampules
  6. Skin firmers
  7. Skin toners or astringents
  8. Cotton pads or sponges
  9. Spatula (Wooden/plastic)
  10. Towels
  11. Body drape
  12. Head drape
  13. Face Packs and Masks
  14. Hand sanitizer
  15. Applicator/brushes
  16. Comedone Black head Extractor
  17. Disinfectant lotion
  18. Scrub

Electrical gadgets used in facial treatment

  1. Vibro massager
  2. Steamer
  3. Vapozone
  4. High frequency unit
  5. Brushing machine

Preparations before a facial

Facial should be a relaxing experience. The environment must be very clean, comfortable and well equipped. To achieve this certain preparations are required before starting the treatment.

  • Set up the facial area.
  • Place required supplies and equipment
  • Prepare facial bed/couch
  • Help client to remove clothing and change into facial gown
  • Remove and safely store clients’ jewellery.
  • Place towels across clients’ chest
  • Ask client if she would like a blanket/sheet.
  • Place head band around client’s hairline.
  • Place head wrap/towel around head.
  • Wash hands with soap water or sanitizer.
  • Remove make up/eye make up etc.

Basic Massage Manipulations for facial

The word massage is derived from the Arabic word ‘Masa’, meaning to "touch" or "stroke". Massage is a scientific method of manipulation of the body by rubbing, pinching or stroking with the hands, or fingers or an instrument.

Types of Massage

  1. Effleurage: This is light, continuous movement applied in a slow and rhythmic manner over the skin. No pressure is applied. Over large surfaces, the palm is used; while over small surfaces, the fingertips are employed. Effleurage is frequently applied to the forehead, face and scalp for its soothing and relaxing effects.

  2. Petrissage: In this movement, the skin and flesh are grasped between the thumb and fingers. As the tissues are lifted from their underlying structures, they are squeezed. Rolled or pinched with a light, firm pressure. This movement exerts an invigorating effect on the part being treated.

  3. Friction: This movement requires pressure on the skin while its is being moved over the underlying structures. The fingers or palms are employed in this movement. Friction has a marked influence on the circulation and glandular activity of the skin.

  4. Precussion or tapotement: This form of massage is the most stimulating. It should be applied with care and discretion. Tapping movements are gentler than slapping movements. Percussion movements tone the muscles and impart a healthy glow to the part being massaged. In tapping, the fingertips are brought down against the skin in rapid succession, whereas in slapping, the whole palm is used to strike the skin. Hacking movement employs the outer ulnar borders of the hands which are struck against the skin in alternative succession. In facial massage, only light digital tapping is used.

  5. Vibrations: The fingertips or vibrator are used to transmit a trembling movement to the skin and its underlying structures. To prevent over-stimulation, this movement should be used sparingly and should never exceed a few seconds duration on any one spot.

Procedure for a Facial

Don’t forget to clean your hands before starting.

  1. Clean your client’s face and neck area with cleansing milk or lotion.

  2. Remove the cleanser with facial sponges, tissues, moist cotton pads, or warm, moist towels. Start at the forehead and following the contours of the face, remove all the cleanser from one area of the face before proceeding to the next. Finish with the neck. chest, and back.

  3. Exfoliate the skin.Take appropriate quantity of scrub. Then massage gently. Keep your hand moist by dipping in water as required. This procedure is to be continued for 3-4 minutes. Then rinse with water. Use comedone extractor if required.

  4. Massage with cream/gel using the same procedure as for the cleanser. Massage the face, using the facial manipulations.

  5. Remove massage cream with tissues, warm moist towels, moist cleansing pads, or sponges. Follow the same procedure as for removing cleanser.

  6. Apply a mask/pack formulated for the client’s skin condition with the help of natural bristle brush, starting at the neck. Use long slow strokes from the center outward and proceed to the jawline and apply the mask on face from the center outward on one-half of the face, then the other.

  7. Allow it it to remain on the face for five to ten minutes. Remove the mask with a wet cotton pads or sponges.

  8. Apply toner / astrigent and finally moisturizer or sunscreen.

Exfoliation Treatment

It is a process to remove dead skin cells. Facial scrubs are technically known as exfoliatiors. Removal of dead skin cells is essential for maintenance. Exfoliation treatment clogged press and help to slow down wrinkling.


  1. Clean the face with cleansing milk.
  2. Exfoliate the skin with scrubs gently for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse off with tap water.
  3. Then apply a face pack for 10 min. Remove face pack using water and apply a moisturizer.

Basic Clean Up

A clean up helps to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize the skin. Blackheads, white heads are cleared by gently steaming and then scrubbing over the skin. After removing the scrub another creamy cleanser is applied and the skin is exfoliated further with a soft rotating electric brush and massaged. It is useful for all skin types, and can be done on people under the age of 25 also.


  • It reduces tanning.
  • Removes dirt and blackheads.
  • Provides a clean and glowing complexion.