Hand massage is an important part of every manicure. It not only relaxes the patron, but also stimulates blood circulation and help keep the hand flexible and the skin smooth.

  1. Apply hand lotion. Holding the patron's hand in the palm of your hand, apply the lotion to the back of the patron's hand. Gently distribute the lotion to the wrist and the fingers.

  2. Place the patron's elbow on the manicuring pillow. Hold the hand in an upright position, supporting it with your left hand. With your right hand, slowly bend the patron's hand back and forth. This helps to limber the wrist and relax the hand. All manipulations are repeated three times.

  3. While the hand is in this position, place the cushions of your thumbs in the palm of the patron's hand and massage in a circular movement from wrist to fingers.

  4. Rest the patron's arm on the manicuring table and put her hand in yours. Grasp each finger between your thumb and index finger and rotate it in a circular motion.

  5. Hold the patron's hand in yours with both thumbs on the back of her hand at the wrist. Massage in a circular sliding movement down the back of the hand, following the line between the bones from the knuckles to the wrist. Slide back to wrist and give it a wringing motion.

  6. Rotate each finger in a circular motion, beginning at the base and working up to the fingertip. Slide back and, with your thumb and fingers, pull down toward the fingertip in a tapering motion.

  7. Repeat steps 1 through 6 on the patron's other hand.

  8. For all processes undertaken it is advised that all prescribed hygiene and safety standards be strictly observed. This is important to prevent infection and injury. This is also legally important. Non compliance would attract legal action by the local administration.

  9. Exert pressure and massage well on the pressure point of the palm of the hand.