The skin of the soles of the feet is the thickest and the hardest. Besides the feet are exposed to a lot of use, dust and dirt. Thus the hard skin of the soles of the feet becomes even more harder and dry. This not only makes the feet look ugly but also leads to cracks and infection.

The feet can be saved of many skin problems through regular cleaning and removal of the dead skin accumulating on the surface of the soles. As the skin is hard and dead it can be easily removed by using foot scrubbers, pumice stones and scrubs. Earlier pumice stone and gourd scrubbers were used to remove the dead skin. But now a large variety of foot scrubbers are available in the market.

Point to keep in mind while choosing a foot scrubber

  1. Do not compromise on quality. Always choose a branded or one manufactured by a reputed company.

  2. The surface of the scrubber should not be very harsh to cause bruises or damage the skin.

  3. Always buy scrubber with different variants of surface - for removing to smoothing and polishing.

  4. The scrubber should be chosen in accordance with the thickness of dead skin and the age of the client.

  5. Buy one with a handle which you can hold and use comfortably.

Procedure for removing dead and hard skin of feet

  1. Soak feet in warm soapy solution for 10 to 15 minutes.

  2. Wipe dry and scrub using an appropriate scrubber. Take into consideration the type of skin hardness and age of the client.

  3. Spread a towel on your lap and rest the foot.

  4. Gently move the scrubber till most of the dead skin is removed.

  5. Remove the dead skin not only from the heels but also from the sides and toes (specially the big toe).

  6. Wipe the feet and scrub once again with a scrubber of a less harsh surface. This will help to smoothen and polish the feet.

  7. After this treatment an antiseptic lotion cream should be applied.