Before undertaking any beauty treatments you are required to analyse the skin of your client. Skin analysis is important to help provide the most appropriate beauty treatment and prevent damage to the skin or aggravate the existing skin problems. A thorough analysis is key to any effective facial treatment.

This helps you to determine the correct cream and lotion to use during the facial. Maintain client’s record and note down about the products used and treatments given for future reference.

Method of Skin Analysis

Ask your client her skin type or analyse the skin type using wood lamp or with tissue paper technique.

A. Wood Lamp

Hold the wood lamp over the client’s face in a dimly lit room.

  1. silver patches indicates dry skin

  2. a yellow or orange light indicates oily or acne prone skin

  3. Purple patches indicates dehydrated skin

  4. Brown patches indicate pigmented skin

  5. Normal blue glow indicate healthy skin

B. Tissue Paper Technique

Fold the tissue paper in a triangle and place it on the T zone.

  1. Paper remains dry then it is dry to normal skin.

  2. If paper turns oily then it is oily skin.