The skin in order to appear attractive and healthy needs regular care. Each skin type should be taken care of by specific care techniques and routines. This is going to be easier once you have determined the skin type of your client.

Daily Skin Care

A particular daily care should be followed by everyone. This include the following:

  • C - Cleansing
  • T - Toning
  • M - Moisturising


  1. Clean the face and neck with a cleansing milk or astringent according to the skin type or weather.

  2. Then, apply toner with the help of cotton pads.

  3. Then, apply a good moisturizer on the skin.

Skin Care according to Skin Type

S.No. Type of skin Cleansing Toning / Scrubbing Massaging Cream Packs / Masks
1 Normal Normal cleanser Basic Normal Normal
2 Dry Cleansing Creams Oil based Vitamin A, E or protein based Hydrating
3 Oily Alcohol Based gels Alcohol based Oil free Exfoliating
4 Combination As required As required As required As required