Questions on Climate of India

1. Name the latitude which has divided India in two heat zones. Also tell the degree of that latitude.

Tropic of cancer, 23½° N

2. Name the cities which are influenced by the sea and cities which are not influenced by the sea.

Influenced by sea: Mumbai, Chennai

Not influenced by sea: Lucknow, Delhi

3. Which mountain range protects India from cold breeze of Central Asia?

Himalayan Mountain Ranges

4. Why do India has dry winter season?

Winds are coming from North-East. Since they are coming from land, they are dry and unable to give rain to the country.

5. Name the states which lie within the low pressure regions.

Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh and parts of Odisha.

6. As the monsoon winds are coming from south-west which state they will strike first.


7. When the monsoon winds reach the Bay of Bengal, what is their direction?

South to North and North-East and North-West.

8. The hot and dry wind blowing in the northern plain in the summer are called

  1. Kaal Baisakhi
  2. Loo
  3. Trade winds
  4. All of the above

(ii) Loo

9. Which mountain range acts as a barrier in the path of the Arabian Sea branch?

  1. Aravallis
  2. Eastern Ghats
  3. Western Ghats
  4. Raj Mahal hills

(iii) Western Ghats

10. The tropical cyclones of the Bay of Bengal usually occurs during

  1. South-west monsoon
  2. Hot weather season
  3. Retreating monsoon season
  4. Cold weather season

(iii) Retreating monsoon season

11. Which place would be the hottest one in March?

  1. Delhi
  2. Shillong
  3. Deccan Plateau
  4. Punjab

(iii) Deccan Plateau

12. Monsoons are called

  1. Seasonal winds
  2. Temporary winds
  3. Permanent winds
  4. Local winds

(i) Seasonal Winds

13. Why do we find the rainfall distribution in India highly uneven?

When monsoon winds enter from the coast, they give the maximum rain there. When they reach the central or northern regions, they become dry, resulting less rainfall.

14. Name the three regions of India receiving lowest rainfall.

Regions of low rainfall:

  1. Northern leh-ladakh region
  2. Western Rajasthan
  3. South-Central part

15. Name the months of Kharif and Rabi season.

Kharif - June and July

Rabi - October and November

16. When do we have the zaid season?

From the end of the winter season i.e. March to May.

17. Which human activities are responsible for global warming?

Urbanization, Industrialization, Deforestation, burning of fossil fuels.