Questions on Population

1. What is meant by resource?

Something that can be used or reused by us.

2. Enumerate qualities that are essential for making human beings a resource?

Education, health and nutrition, specialized training.

3. The population of a district is 3,00,000 and its area is 1000 square km. What would be the density of population?

  1. 150 persons/sq. km
  2. 200 persons/sq. km
  3. 250 persons/sq. km
  4. 300 persons/sq. km

(iv) 300 persons/square km

4. Mention important factors that are responsible for high density of population in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai?

(i) Industrialization; (ii) Urbanization; (iii) Employment opportunities; (iv) Means of transport and communication.

5. Why is density of population of Uttarakhand low?

(i) Rugged topography (ii) Harsh climatic condition

6. If in an area, birth rate is 45 per thousand and death rate is 25 per thousand, what would be the natural growth rate?

  1. 15 per thousand
  2. 18 per thousand
  3. 20 per thousand
  4. 25 per thousand

(iii) 20 per thousand

7. Which one of the following is the main reason for rapid increase in population of India?

  1. High birth rate and high death rate
  2. Low birth rate and low death rate
  3. High birth rate and low death rate
  4. Low birth rate and high death rate

(iii) High birth rate and low death rate

8. Why is 1921 called the year of "The great demographic divide"?

The year 1921 shows decline in population but after that it has been increasing continuously.

9. What would be the result if the dependency ratio is more?

Government has to invest more for the welfare of dependent population and hence less available fund for greater developmental works in country.

10. State reasons responsible for unfavourable sex ratio in India?

(i) Discrimination against females. (ii) Female foeticide and infanticide.