Phrasal Verbs

A phrasal verb is a simple verb combined with an adverb or a preposition or sometimes both to make a new verb with a meaning that is different from that of the simple verb.


  • go through: undergo a difficult period or experience; search through or examine methodically
  • go about: begin or carry on with an activity
  • go off: explode or fire; begin to decompose and become inedible
  • go against: oppose or resist
  • go by: passing of time; pay a short visit


  • run out: used up
  • run down: reduce in size, numbers, or resources
  • run into: collide with; reach a level or amount
  • run over: overflow; exceed
  • run through: be present in every part of; use or spend recklessly or rapidly


  • fall out: become detached and drop out; have an argument
  • fall through: come to nothing; fail
  • fall back: move or turn back; retreat
  • fall in: take one's place in a military formation
  • fall off: becomes smaller or lower


  • put back: to delay
  • put on: start wearing
  • put up: show skill or determination in a contest
  • put out: disturb or trouble someone
  • put off: postpone
  • put by: save for the future