Differences soon arose between the Congress and the Muslim League concerning the powers of the Constituent Assembly. The League rejected the Cabinet Mission Plan in the middle of 1946. In September 1946, the Congress formed the government at the Centre.

The League refused to be a part to it. Muslim League celebrated this day as a ‘Direct Action Day’ on 16 August 1946 to attain Pakistan. The conflict resulted in widespread communal riots in different parts of India. Thousands were killed in the riots, lacks of people became homeless.

In the mean time, Lord Mountbatten was sent as the Viceroy to India. He put up his plan in June 1947 which included partition of India. In spite of strong opposition by Gandhi, all the parties agreed to the partition and the Indian Independence Act, 1947 came into being.

It created two independent states in the Indian sub-continent - Indian Union and Pakistan. India got its independence on 15th August, 1947. At the stroke of midnight (14th -15th August, 1947), transfer of power took place.