History relates the story of cooperative actions of a large number of men and women in their quest for a better life.

Ancient History | Medieval History | Modern History

Art and Architecture During Mauryan Empire
Jainism and Buddhism
Economic & Commercial Policy Before Independence
Indian National Movement
Modern Indian History
Medieval Indian History
Ancient Indian History
Questions on British Rule in India
Questions on Religious and Social Awakening
Questions on Resistance Against British Rule
Questions on Indian National Movement
Questions on Ancient Civilizations
Questions of Ancient History
India After Independence
Indian Independence Act, 1947
Mountbatten Plan, 1947
Cabinet Mission, 1946
Quit India Movement
Cripps Mission, 1942
August Offer & Individual Satyagraha, 1940
Government of India Act, 1935
Poona Pact, 1932
Round Table Conference
Dandi March & Civil Disobedience Movement
Nehru Report. 1928
Simon Commission, 1927
Swaraj Party
Non Cooperation Movement
Khilafat Movement
Rowlatt Act and Satyagraha, 1919
Government of India Act, 1919
Lucknow Pact, 1916
Return of Mahatma Gandhi, 1915
Minto-Morley Reforms, 1909
All India Muslim League, 1906
Partition of Bengal, 1905
Indian Councils Act, 1892
Formation of Indian National Congress, 1885
Indian Councils Act, 1861
Government of India Act, 1858
First War of Independence, 1857
British East India Company Rule
Satavahana Dynasty
World War I
Partition and Independence of India
Quit India Movement and After
National Movement During Second World War
Government of India Act of 1935
Communal Divide
Development of Socialist Ideas
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