Questions of Ancient History

1. List five sources which can help us to study our past.

Inscriptions, coins, monuments, seals and excavated sites.

2. Why were the early humans called nomads?

Because they kept moving from one place to another in search of food.

3. Write two differences between the tools of Old Stone Age and New Stone Age.

The tools of the New Stone Age were sharper and polished to make them last longer which was not the case with the Old Stone Age.

4. Mention two important discoveries of the Neolithic Age.

Discovery of wheel and mixed farming.

5. Describe ways in which the discovery of wheel was significant for human civilization.

For transportation and potter’s wheel.

6. Why do we say that the tools made during the Chalcolithic age were better than the tools of the Stone Age?

The tools made of metal proved to be much more effective than the earlier stone implements. Metallic knives and axes were helpful in cutting down trees and more land was cleared for agriculture.

7. Enlist the basic factors which led to settled life of early age humans. What is the importance of those factors today?

Discovery of fire, wheel and metal, Practice of agriculture led to settled life. They more relevant for advanced human progress in Industrial society.

8. How did community life and religion shape the functioning of society in the early age?

They led to the formation of family life, creation of common beliefs and inter-activities and inter-dependency like trade, politics, security, etc.

9. List the changes in the life of early humans brought by the discovery of iron.

Equipment became stronger and long lasting. Work efficiency increased.