Questions on Ancient Civilizations

1. Which was the first metal used by human beings?


2. Name the rivers between which the Mesopotamian Civilisation was founded?

Tigris and Euphrates

3. Name the ancient Egyptian script?


4. Name at least four sites of the Harappa Civilisation situated in India?

Lothal (Gujarat), Kalibangan (Rajasthan), Banawali (Haryana), Dholavira (Gujarat), Ropar (Punjab)

5. Name the three spheres where the impact of iron implements were felt the most?

Agriculture, Transport and Warfare

6. Name two important city states in Greece?

Athens and Sparta

7. Name the river on which the city of Rome is situated?


8. What were the main occupations of people in the Later Vedic Period?

Agriculture and Crafts

9. Which religion did Ashoka embrace after the Kalinga war?


10. Name at least four great centers of learning in Ancient India?

Taxila, Nalanda, Kashi, Vikramshila, Vallabhi

11. Name two great physicians of Ancient India?

Charaka and Sushruta

12. Fill in the blanks:

(a) Society in Bronze Age civilisation was divided into ......

(b) ...... seems to be the most important cause of the decline of Harappa Civilisation.

(c) The Harappa people had overseas trade with ......

(d) The Tamil work Tolkappiyam belonged to the ......

(e) ...... was the capital of the Pandyas.

(f) Kanishka belonged to the ...... Dynasty.

(g) Constantinople was the capital of the ......

(h) The Persian king who united the Persians was ......

(i) The Indo-Aryans and the early Persians worshipped the ......

  1. classes
  2. Natural calamities
  3. Mesopotamia
  4. Sangam Age
  5. Madurai
  6. Kushana
  7. Byzantine Empire
  8. Cyrus
  9. forces of nature