Methods of Rain Water Harvesting

We can adopt different methods for rain water harvesting according to need, available facilities and environmental conditions.

1. Construction of potholes

We can harvest water in small ditches constructed in those areas where there is not much underground water. These ditches may be constructed 1-2 metre wide and 2-3 metres deep. Their shape could be anything. These ditches are filled with roubbles and sand. Rainwater can easily percolate through these.

2. Construction of trenches

In the lower regions where porous rocks are found after making trenches of 0.5 to 1 metre width, 1 to 1.5 metre depth and 10 to 15 metre length, these are filled with roubbles. These trenches should be made parallel to the slope of the land.

3. Use of wells

The wells which have become dry and are not being used at present can be used for water harvesting.

4. Handpump

Stored rainwater can be made underground with the help of filter by running handpumps in the areas of lack of underground water.