Methods of Water Conservation

If there is no water, there is no life. Hence water conservation is essential. Future generation may be in difficulty due to scarcity of water. The participation of an individual, society and the Government is essential for water conservation.

The following methods can be adopted for water conservation:

  1. Dams and reservoirs should be constructed on rivers so that river water does not go waste into the seas and oceans.
  2. The water of rivers should be saved from pollution by urban waste at all costs.
  3. Serious efforts should be made to control floods.
  4. Water should be used properly.
  5. Mass awakening should be around for water conservation.
  6. Solicit active participation of the people in all the activities related to water conservation and efficient management.
  7. Potable water should not be used for gardening, washing of vehicles and cleaning of household.
  8. Saving of reservoirs from pollution.
  9. Broken pipelines of water should immediately be repaired.
  10. Every drop of water is precious, this should be popularized among the masses.
  11. Such crops should not be grown in rain fed areas which require more water.
  12. There should be stress on afforestation.