Size of India

India accounts for 2.42 per cent of the world’s total land area; whereas it sustains 16 per cent of the world population. The land frontiers of India measure 15,200 km.

Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Nepal, Myanmar and Bangladesh share common boundaries with India. The kingdom of Bhutan is situated in the Eastern Himalaya. It is a small country and the responsibility of its defence rests with India. Most of our boundary with Pakistan and Bangladesh is almost man-made. There is no mountain range or river to form a natural boundary.

The international boundary of India passes through a variety of landforms - barren desert lands, lush green agricultural fields, gushing rivers, snow clad mountains as well as densely forested mountain ranges. The defence of such an international boundary passing through various kinds of terrains is certainly a difficult job. Therefore, an Indian soldier is exposed to various types of extremely hostile conditions on the course of his duty. Sometime, he is posted on the icy cold glaciers. At times he has to bear the wrath of the burning sun and he has to face in the hot sands of the desert. Often he is posted in the marshy, riverine, rainy and thickly forested tracts of the northeast.

Our country has to spend crores of rupees daily for the defence of such a long and inhospitable boundary that passes through various kinds of terrain.

Important Points

  • India stands at the head of the Indian Ocean that spans the continents of Asia, Africa and Oceania providing further links to other continents through the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.
  • In the Indian subcontinent, India is the only country to share its land frontiers with every member country of the subcontinent.
  • In area India is the seventh largest country in the world but in population it stands next only to China.
  • The variation in local time between the eastern and western extremities of India is of two hours. This has been minimised to a certain extent by adopting 82°30' E longitude as the Standard Meridian of India for calculating Indian standard time which we follow through our watches.