Trans-Himalayan Ranges

There are some mountain ranges to the north of the Himadri in Jammu and Kashmir. The range extending to the north of the Himadri and running parallel to it is called the Zaskar range.

North of Zaskar range is the Ladakh range. The river Indus flows towards northwest between Zaskar and Ladakh range.

Many scholars treat Zaskar and Ladakh ranges as parts of the Great Himalayas and include them in Kashmir Himalayas. North of the Ladakh range lie the Karakoram. The name of the Karakoram in Sanskrit literature is Krishnagiri, K2 (8611 m) is the highest peak of the Karakoram Mountains. This is the second highest peak of the world, next only to Mt. Everest.

Ladakh plateau is situated in the north eastern part of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This plateau is a very high and arid. It forms one of the remote areas of our country.